The most important competitive advantage of SWISSAM is our faculty.
80% of the teaching staff are international professionals with the necessary teaching status and practical experience in the industry. These are people from different countries who speak a common language - the international language of hospitality. We are taught in English by chefs accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF), international specialists in the areas of hotel and restaurant management, financial management, marketing and personnel management - these are people from different countries who speak a common language - the international language of hospitality.

Chiefs and lecturers
Wolfgang Kollmann
Evgeny Timofeev
Guest instructor
Bakery course
Mauricio Pekkolo
Guest Chef-instructor
Italian Cuisine
Julia Bakova
Julia Lim
Nina Skorobogatova
Lecture of the course Human Resource Management
Theodore Benetatos
Guest lecturer
Meintjes Pierre
Lecturer of the course Food Costing & Control
Nikolay Belousov
Lecture of the course "Restaurant Business Operations Management"
Yiannis Megaloeconomou
Guest lecturer
Patrick Farran
Lecturer Food and Beverage Service
Albina Ubyykon
Lecturer Front Office Management
Josh Robinson
Lecturer English
Ismailova Aisulu
Lecturer English
Natalia Gnatyk
Lecturer Property Management Systems
Titova Yulia
Lecturer Personal Development
Elena Ursova
Lecturer Introduction to Accounting
Roman Rydkov
Lecturer Food and Beverage Service
Artem Klykov
Enterprise Development project
Polina Ivankova
Lecturer Event Operations
William McGee
Lecturer English
Irina Frolova
Lecturer Spanish
Olga Prokhorova
Lecturer Travel & Tourism Environment
Sevara Tuyrina
Lecturer Human Resource Management
Vera Saporovskaya
Lecturer Spanish
Pavel Schitov
Lecturer Bar and Beverage Management
Anna Serebrenikova
Lecturer Wine studies
Elena Mikhailik
Lecturer Food Costing & Control
Maxim Koreblev-Dyson
Lecturer Facilities Design
Lecturer Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation
Irirna Ivanova
Tatiana Teveleva
Guest Lecturer business etiquette
Walter Spaltenstein
University Ambassador
Olga Lyubenkova
Executive director
Polina Ivankova
Assistant Dean
Albina Ubyykon
Front Office Management, Opera PMS, Introduction to Hospitality
Ekaterina Ryabinina
Executive Academic Administrator
Alina Pavlova
Yana Duhanina
Sales Director
Vadim Goryunov
Sales Manager
Valeria Avakyan
Chief Accountant
Alexander Vorobyov
Service Manager
Dmitry Grebenyuk
IT Manager
Natalia Khristoforova
HR Manager